Produced in Australia

For people on the water

Sailor Sunscreen is now the official sunscreen supplier to the Australian Sailing Team. If it’s good for our sailing team, you know it’s good for you. Krystal Weir: Sailing is the toughest environment for sun protection, harsh sun, spray, salt and sweat. You need the best sunscreen!
Buy Sailor Sunscreen Online
Buy Sailor Sunscreen Online

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The Sailor Sunscreen Team is heading to Italy !
We are off to race in the J24 2018 World Championship in Riva del Garda at the top of Lake Garda.
So from the 14th August to the 6th September we won’t be able to send out any sunscreen.
To give you a little idea of the amazing sailing at Riva, here is a short video of the Italian Nationals earlier in the year, spectacular scenery !


When you want the best protection from the sun, use SAILOR SUNSCREEN,
designed and produced in Australia for people on the water

Moisturising formula with
Aloe Vera & Vitamin E


Broad spectrum for UVA & UVB rays.
Light & Non Greasy – Non Ghosting

Nano Particle Free – No Dangerous Parabeens

Very high protection for sun sensitive skin, ideal for very young sailors

Sailor Sunscreen maintains it’s rating for up to 4 hours



Where can you buy the new Sailor Sunscreen ?

You can buy Sailor Sunscreen right here, online. Just scroll down and select your preferred purchase and pay by credit card. We’ll send it to you the same day (or the next business day).

But we really want you to get your sailing sunscreen where you go sailing. We want you to ask your sailing club and your local boat shop to stock Sailor Sunscreen. It’s designed for sailors, so it seems very logical to get it where you go sailing. It also means your club makes a retail margin on every bottle they sell and we’re sure you would prefer to support your club ?

Ask your club to order from the wholesale opportunities below.

OMG I have never heard of Sailor Sunscreen, is it any good, what if I don’t like it?

It’s new, it’s hi-tech and it works really well and it feels good on your skin, we added the Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to make sure of that. No it’s not like the greasy and sticky house paint some sunscreens are. It’s so good you barely know you are wearing it.

Who says ?   Of course we say so because we have taken nearly a year to design, test and produce it. Krystal Weir, one of Australia’s best women laser sailors says so too – she says “it’s the best sunscreen she has ever used”, in fact she is so blown away by it, she has let us use her picture and endorsement as above. Already many other sailing names you would know are using Sailor Sunscreen for the first time and as they let us use their testimonials, we’ll put them online.

So what if you really don’t like it. Ok, we’re not silly and if it takes you the whole bottle to decide you don’t like it, well sorry ! But if for some really genuine reason it doesn’t work for you, or the bottle gets destroyed in transit, talk to us about sorting it out for you, but remember, we’re not silly.

What does it cost to send to me ?

Sunscreen lotion for people on the water