About Sailor Sunscreen

How did Sailor Sunscreen come about ?

Hi, my name is Simon Grain and I am the guy behind Sailor Sunscreen. I have sailed for years, since I was 5 years old and in the early days we just went out and got burnt. Sunscreens came along, I remember when SPF5 was replaced by SPF8, it was perceived as a big jump back then, then SPF15 and so on.

I was cleaning my boat out one day, finding left over old tubes and bottles of sunscreen in various states of suitability, currency and filthiness. I thought “wouldn’t it be good if there was a proper sailing sunscreen”. I decided to do something about it – Sailor Sunscreen !

We spent nearly a year trialing different formulas, looking at different packaging, sizes, labs and production facilities. I wanted a really good 50+ sunscreen that was most suitable for sailing, I don’t like zinc sunscreens as they are just messy, the warpaint effect might be scary to some but it isn’t what I was looking for. We worked on different sunscreens and gave plenty away during this period for people to test and got lots of feedback on it, Sailor Sunscreen today was the most preferred formula.

I wanted a sunscreen that you didn’t notice you are wearing, but one that did the job properly and also gave you something back in the way of a moisturiser for your skin.

I think Sailor Sunscreen fulfills those requirements and more. It isn’t thick and greasy, you don’t look or feel like you are wearing it – not that it matters too much on a boat of grotty yachties, but there are some of us, especially the fairer sex that want to look good while they enjoy boating activities and Sailor Sunscreen allows you to achieve that. Your skin feels pleasant and not sticky – it’s also good if you are sailing ‘off the beach’ and don’t need sand stuck to your skin.

It’s tested to be 4 hours water resistant and retains it’s SPF rating for up to the same period, but as any yachty will tell you, when you are wiping salt water, sweat and sunscreen off your face every few minutes you are going to need to re-apply more often. It doesn’t mean the sunscreen isn’t doing its job, just that you keep wiping it off. I have found that re-applying every two hours is about right on average, but that will depend on your type of skin and the conditions you are in.

So how does it do its job ?

What does SPF50+ mean in terms of sun protection ?

The consumer benefit of SPF50+ can be best summarised as follows.

How well a sunscreen works is determined by testing for two properties:

1) The “sun protection factor” (SPF) which measures the degree of protection against UVB radiation (primarily responsible for the burning of the skin)

2) The “broad spectrum performance” which is the degree of protection from harmful UVA radiation (primarily responsible for the development of melanoma and other skin cancers)

SPF50+ sunscreens have both an increased SPF factor and are required to meet more stringent broad spectrum requirements.

Do SPF50+ Sunscreens offer significantly better protection than SPF30+?

The simple answer is YES! You may have heard that SPF50+ will only provide an extra 1-2% protection against the sun’s rays to that provided by the SPF30+, however this extra 1-2% provides nearly double the filtering of an SPF30+. It is important to understand how the SPF rating is validated, as it provides a good insight into the additional protection provided. SPF in Australia is validated via a human application test. In the test, a person’s skin is exposed to a UV light that replicates sunlight. The time it takes to start to show colour is monitored. Sunscreen is then applied and the test is repeated to determine the difference in time it takes for a person’s skin to show signs of colour. If it takes 2 minutes for a subject’s skin to show signs of colour with no sunscreen applied and 60 minutes once sunscreen has been applied, then SPF30 rating is assumed (60mins / 2 mins= 30).

Using this same process, if it takes 100 mins before the subject’s skin shows signs of colour once a higher protection sunscreen is applied; the SPF rating of 50 is applied.

You will also note that for a sunscreen to be labelled as SPF50+, it must provide an SPF rating of 60 or higher, providing a very high level of protection. As such, an SPF50+ which must have an SPF of 60 would usually provide 120 minutes of protection using the above example (120/2 = 60), which is essentially up to twice that of an SPF30+! This demonstrates that whilst it’s true, it is only an additional 1-2% filtering from the sun’s rays is provided from an SPF+, it is an important 1-2%!

The other positive also, with the change in regulation is that all the new SPF50/60 formulations require the inclusion of additional UVA filters to provide protection against these dangerous rays. Under the regulations, the changes in standard and test methodology means there will be a greater than four-fold increase in protection against the harmful UVA rays in moving from an SPF30 to a SPF50/60 product. The SPF50+ lotion that we offer far exceeds this requirement by offering a 9 times increase in the UVA filtering versus that found in a SPF30+ lotion, providing a distinct advantage to you!

It must be noted though, that care needs to be provided when being exposed to the sun and frequent application of sunscreen should be adopted, particularly after swimming, excessive sweating and towel drying. Protection from prolonged direct sun by covering up exposed skin with hats, sunglasses and clothing is recommended, sunscreen should be used were this is not possible.

Where can you buy Sailor Sunscreen ?

Because it is for sailors and because we are not a huge corporation, we determined that the best place to make Sailor Sunscreen available is though the places you go sailing and buy sailing gear.

Of course you can buy Sailor Sunscreen right here, online. Just  select your preferred purchase and pay by credit card. We’ll send it to you the same day or the next business day if it’s a weekend or holiday (or if we are away sailing !).

We are really happy to send you our Sailor Sunscreen when you order it direct online and we have some great packages that fit the AusPost freight satchels for a fixed price all over Australia.

However we assume that a large proportion of our boating public either sail out of a club or a marina and we really want you to be able to get your sailing sunscreen where you go sailing – on the day you need it – if you’ve left it that late !

We want you to ask your sailing club and your local marina boat shop to stock Sailor Sunscreen. It’s designed for sailors, so it seems very logical to get it where you go sailing. It also means your club makes a retail margin on every bottle they sell and we’re sure you would prefer to support your club rather than the chemist.

But as you’re here now, why not buy some Sailor Sunscreen to keep the hot Aussie sun off your face.

We can send you any combination, but the selections above maximise the product with the lowest freight cost. Of course buying it in bulk wholesale for your club or marine shop is the most economical way to buy Sailor Sunscreen.

What’s in the bottle ?

Well … Sailor Sunscreen Ultra Protect® SPF50+ Sunscreen Lotion, here’s a few facts and details about it.

  • Gold Standard for Sunscreen Protection
  • Additional UVA Filters (Broad Spectrum)
  • Protects against UVA Both SHORT and LONG wave and UVB radiation
  • Increased Sun Protection Factor (SPF) – Greater than SPF60 – UVB
  • Radiation Protection
  • Nano Particle Free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 4 Hour Water Resistant
  • Low irritant – Fragrance free
  • Dry touch – Non stick
  • Rubs in Clear
  • Contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for Moisturising and Conditioning the skin

Homosalate 10.00% w/w
Octocrylene 8.00% w/w
Octyl Salicylate 5.00% w/w
Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 4.00% w/w
Oxybenzone 2.00% w/w
Contains: Phenoxyethanol Methylisothiazolinone

Complies with the Aust/NZ STANDARD   AS/NZS 2604:2012

This may help reduce the risk of some skin cancers.  Avoid over exposure to the sun and wear protective clothing, hat and eyewear.

External use only. Store below 30 degrees C
End product not tested on animals.

Australian made and owned.