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Intrusion from SYC wins the S80 series at the Geelong Festival of Sails

Well known S80 skipper Luke Reinehr and crew sailing Intrusion (SYC) are proud winners of the Festival of Sail S80 series!

We took an exclusive intervew with the proud winner and sharing beers around Luke says “We owe our win to Sailor Sunscreen. None of our crew suffered sunburn, we all used it”. And the crew supports their skipper statement.

At Sailor Sunscreen we have no doubts that it was exactly the use of our sunscreen that helped Intrusion to come first! Well, they do come first quite often to be honest… and did so before our dear Sailor Sunscreen was born… yes… well, may be using Sailor Sunscreen will not win you races, no, we can’t claim that… pity.

But! The best and the bravest and most excellent Intrusion used our Sailor Sunscreen in this regatta! It’s a fact! And they won! It’s a fact too!

And we a very happy to congratulate Luke and all Intrusion crew on this excellent win. Well done guys!

Luke Reinehr at the Sailor Sunscreen stand at Geelong

SPF 50+, what does it mean?

Sailor Sunscreen for skin protectionToday we’ll talk about SPF 50+ – what does it mean? How is it different from SPF 30? What does the ‘+’ mean? What does the ‘SPF’ mean?
The SPF stands for sun protection factor. It is a measure of how well the sunscreen protects the skin from sunburn.
It is important to understand how the SPF rating is validated – it is actually based on a proper scientific measurement.
Here is the serious bit:
SPF in Australia is validated via a human application test. In the test, a person’s skin is exposed to a UV light that replicates sunlight. The time it takes to start to show colour is monitored. Sunscreen is then applied and the test is repeated to determine the difference in time it takes for a person’s skin to show signs of colour. If it takes 2 minutes for a subject’s skin to show signs of colour with no sunscreen applied, and 60 minutes once sunscreen has been applied, then SPF30 rating is assumed (60mins / 2 mins= 30).
Using this same process, if it takes 100 mins before the subject’s skin shows signs of colour once a higher protection sunscreen is applied; the SPF rating of 50 is applied.
And for a sunscreen to be labelled as SPF50+, it must provide an SPF rating of 60 or higher.
So, do SPF50+ Sunscreens offer significantly better protection than SPF30+?
Please remember that the sunscreen is applied liberally in the SPF test. Your sunscreen will only deliver its level of protection if applied liberally!
Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours.
Yours, Sailor Sunscreen

Sailor Sunscreen goes to the Festival of Sails

Geelong Festival of Sails 2016 – we have great neighbours – this is Gill stand and the Regatta Office is right behind our marquee, so we know all the news!

Great sailing, great mates and great times at Geelong this year for the ‘big regatta’. The sun will be there too, so will Sailor Sunscreen.

See us at our Sailor Sunscreen marquee, right between Regatta Office and the Gill Stand, here:

Geelong Festival of Sails 2016

Great neighbours, Gill to the left and the Regatta Office is behind us, we are in the middle of action!!!

Sailor Sunscreen sponsors the 2015 WORLD O’PEN CUP

Sailor Sunscreen sponsors the 2015 WORLD O'PEN CUP

The World O’pen Cup 2015 is taking place from 27th of December 2015 to 3rd of January 2016 at the Safety Beach, Victoria Australia.

It is an exciting sailing event with 130 strong fleet from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, US, Germany, France, Switzerland and Chech Republic.

The World O’pen Cup 2015 is organised by the Australian International O’pen BIC Association and Safety Beach Sailing Club, there are 32 coach boats on the water and 58 volunteers at the club helping to run the event.

And we supply Sailor Sunscreen to these wonderful people!

Sailor Sunscreen is sponsoring this regatta, providing a 60g clip-on to each competitor, and 250ml bottles supplied to race management officials and many volunteers.

We can’t say too much about the importance of the sunscreen culture for our kids and especially in the sailing community.

We are very proud to be part of this World level sailing event and fly our Sailor Sunscreen flag at the Safety Beach Club World O’pen Cup 2015.