Buy Sunscreen

You can buy Sailor Sunscreen right here, online. Just scroll down and select your preferred purchase and pay by credit card. We’ll send it to you the same day or the next business day if it’s a weekend or holiday (or if we are away sailing !).

Remember, we really want you to get your sailing sunscreen where you go sailing.

We want you to ask your sailing club and your local boat shop to stock Sailor Sunscreen. It’s designed for sailors, so it seems very logical to get it where you go sailing. It also means your club makes a retail margin on every bottle they sell and we’re sure you would prefer to support your club. Sailing clubs need all the support they can get. Right ?

But you’re here now, so why not buy some Sailor Sunscreen to keep the hot Aussie sun off your face.


We have packaged up some different combinations of the sizes we have available based on the cost to freight in different satchel sizes around Australia.

When you buy the SMALL FAMILY PACK we are able to offer FREE DELIVERY and a BONUS 60g CLIP-ON so these are great value ways to buy Sailor Sunscreen. And you SAVE $18.45 !

We can send you any combination, but the selections below maximise the product with the lowest freight cost. Of course buying it in bulk wholesale for your club is the most economical way to buy Sailor Sunscreen.

The price of each product, special offers and wholesale orders are listed below.