Welcome to Sailor Sunscreen.

We spent 2015 researching and testing, talking to people and solving the myriad of issues facing bringing a new product to market.

We spoke to lots of yacht clubs, boat shops and people in the boating industry, finding out what people wanted most. One of those things was people wanted the opportunity to buy a high quality sunscreen where they go sailing – that’s where you come in !

Whether it is a planned or impulse purchase, you benefit by having Sailor Sunscreen available for sale.

We also found that the most asked for size was 250ml and the great little 60g Clip-on and we found that people are prepared to buy high quality sunscreen at an appropriate price.

Cancer and it’s ramifications are hitting our sport with ever increasing frequency, so covering up and putting plenty of sunscreen on are strong messages we all need to promote.

Making Sailor Sunscreen available offers you another profit centre and also improves your application of ‘Duty of Care’ to your members and customers.

Sailor Sunscreen is now a reality, available in wholesale quantities and ready for you to display and sell. The rest of the site will give you plenty of information about the product so it isn’t repeated on this page.

We want to build a wide network of retailers in the sailing and boating industry and we invite you to join us.

We aim to give Sailor Sunscreen a high profile within the boating fraternity and will engage various sponsorship, promotional and advertising opportunities that suit and are a good and affordable ROI to support your retail sales.

As an added sales support, you will notice that the 250ml size is aN Australian Sailing approved size for medical kits.

Sailor Sunscreen has a 3 year shelf life, of course we recommend you promote frequent and proper use to your customers with a repeat purchase long before that.  The product is covered with a manufacturer’s public indemnity insurance.

Recommended retail prices are $10.95 for the 60g, $19.95 for the 250ml and $48 for the 1 litre size.

To order product :

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Ok, we haven’t got fancy display containers at this stage, so here’s what we have done with the box and a header card. The box is cut down at the front and the header card supplied with your order can be glued using a gluestick to the back of the box including the back top flap. Apply the gluestick to both surfaces for better adhesion.

250ml & 60g Display Boxes
250ml & 60g Display Boxes

You can also download and print out display material:

A3 Wall poster (can be printed out at varying sizes)

250ml Box Header card

60g Box Header card

Sunscreen lotion for people on the water